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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why I'm start this.....

I am starting this blog to show my creativity, ideas & views regarding anything which I have done in my life or doing at present time in art and craft, like packaging style, designing pattern, Mehndi designing & many more things whatever I do or know, just want to share all these with my viewers and friends through my camera angle (Photography).

I love photography and cooking both & for that reason, I started my Cookery blog but now I want to share something more with my friends.

Hope so all my blog-readers and friends encourage me in the same way as they have been doing for my last blog “Preeti's Kitchen Life”.

Your Preeti


  1. first time here........pls do post some mehandi designs...

  2. Hi preeti garg, my wishes to your blog. Don't stop with Photos. Do write some Posts. Let the Blogosphere know the creative writer in you... All the best...!!!


Thanx 4 Ur lovely and Precious appreciations..

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